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What Visualization Meditation Can Do For You

Did you know that most of what you learn throughout your life comes from visual cues? Your ability to see and visualize is extremely important to being able to learn and grow. It’s no surprise, then, that visualizing your health and wellness is a useful tool for teaching yourself new habits and changing your behavior as well as your mindset.

Understanding Visualization Meditation
Many religions and medical traditions have practiced the use of visualization for centuries. Seeing what you desire or are trying to achieve in your mind is extremely helpful to attaining your goals. There is not one specific form of visualization meditation. Instead, this concept represents many different practices, all of which involve using your mind to see a specific vision for yourself. Your brain has difficulty distinguishing between what you are seeing with your eyes and what you are “seeing” with your mind. When you visualize something, your brain registers that it is happening.

Traditional Tibetan Medicine 101

You might have heard rumors or stories about the famous Tibetan monks without knowing many concrete facts about this region, its beliefs, and its traditions – especially traditional medicine. This mountainous region of West-Central China shares some of the traits of traditional Indian medicine to the South West and traditional Pacific medicine to the East. […]

Traditional Korean Medicine 101

Traditional Korean Medicine is not as well-known as some other traditional Indo-pacific medicines like those of China, Japan, or India. This is unfortunate, as just as all of these traditions share many elements and bring their own unique perspectives, traditional Korean medicine is culturally significant as one of many ancient Indo-pacific medical traditions but also […]

Traditional Japanese Medicine

If you’ve heard much about alternative medicine, you may have come to the realization that much of it is based in the traditional medicinal practices of various places around the world, often the Indo-Pacific region. Traditional Japanese Medicine has given alternative medicine a strong foundation, but it is easy for its unique teachings and beliefs […]

The Benefits Of Natural Medicine

Holistic medicine has gained popularity over the years as something more beneficial and healthier than traditional medication. So much so, more stores are beginning to carry natural medications by the masses. While experts debate on which form is better, research has shown that holistic medication has optimal benefits that support wellness, health, and longevity. When […]

The Alexander Technique 101

The Alexander Technique is part of what is known as Alternative Complementary Medicine, a body of treatment options which are outside of traditional medical care. The Alexander Technique is an approach to mindfulness that focuses on improving your posture and the strength of the muscles that support your spine. The practice reinforces the best use […]

Science Backed Uses For Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient medicinal practice used to restore homeostasis within the body. Originating in China around 198 BCE, this practice is centered on the flow of energy. Practitioners believed that specific points in the body were gateways to body-energy. By triggering damaged points through acupuncture, it regulates the flow of energy to restore a […]

Naturopathy 101

Naturopathy, or the practice of naturopathic medicine, is a form of health care that emphasizes prevention and treatment of health problems by encouraging the body’s inherent healing and immunity processes. Naturopathic medicine is generally practiced by licensed professionals and focuses on the use of natural remedies and treatments to heal injuries, diseases, and illnesses. A […]

Music Therapy 101

Music has been used as a means of creative therapy for centuries. Whether people intended for it to be therapeutic or not, music has shaped our culture, mood, and overall worldview. While music is enjoyable to listen and groove to, it definitely touches the soul. In fact, many people have experienced total mood shifts from […]

Mind/Body Practices Strengthen Communication Between Mind And Body

Mind/body practices have been around for millennia; however, it’s only been recently they’ve become popular for promoting emotional and physical health separate from their Buddhist, Hindu, and Taoist traditions. Is there anything to this? Are there any health benefit separate the religious and spiritual customs that have helped keep these practices alive for so long? […]